Ministry of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development

On May 11th,2005, Ms Angelique Austin paid to Mr Ronnie Greenidge the sum of $1200Bds in cash for him to draft, and have approved, building plans for a dwelling house. He duly drew those plans and submitted them to the Town and Country Planning Development Office (TCPDO), telling her that it would take about three (3) months for the requisite approval to be obtained. However, it was not until September 2005 that she received a letter from the TCPDO informing her that the plans needed to be revised. An identical letter was also sent to Mr Greenidge, who was given twelve (12) days in which to submit the revisions.

On August 12th 2006 Ms Belgrave contracted with Tropicana Jewellers to repair her Citizens watch.   She informed Tropicana Jewellers that her watch was losing time. The battery was checked and she was assured that it was good but that the watch wanted servicing. Ms Belgrave agreed that Tropicana Jewellers should proceed with the work and made a deposit of $20.00 towards the total cost of $35.00.

On December 10th 2006, Darwin Griffith drove into the Culloden Esso Servicenter Limited, Culloden Road, St Michael requesting $20.00 in product from an attendant. While the attendant started to pump a liquid into his vehicle another attendant stopped her and informed her that she was pumping diesel into Mr Griffith’s tank.

 On October 22nd 2005, Gregory Crookendale contracted with Adzil Holder to carry out repairs to his Samsung television and to clean his Sony VCR.   Mr Holder retained the television and VCR for over 4 months with promises that the work would be completed in the near future.

In this matter, Mrs. Maria Legall claims a refund of BDS$3730.80 and consequential damages against Lewis Concrete Mix for failure to comply with the guarantee of reasonable care and skill and fitness for purpose in a supply of services under the Consumer Guarantees Act, Cap. 320E. The services in question were the supply and pouring of concrete for the purpose of a concrete floor with a bull float finish at Mrs. Legall’s house which is situate at No. 132, Heywoods Park, St. Peter.