Ministry of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development

There are 4 items which are subject to Price Control Regulations and are listed below:

Diesel fuel $1.56727 per litre $1.81 per litre
Gasoline $2.39880 per litre $2.69 per litre
Kerosine $0.75577 per litre $0.80 per litre
Liquified petroleum gas 100 lb $152.24 per cylinder
Liquified petroleum gas 25 lb $43.16 per cylinder
Liquified petroleum gas 22 lb $38.15 per cycliner
Liquified petroleum gas 20 lb $34.68 per cylinder

From time to time, as world prices for these items fluctuate, the Government will formulate a new price structure, which must be gazetted.

These items, which are subject to price control, should not be sold above the current wholesale or retail price.

The Control Of Prices are covered under The Control of Price (General) Regulations 2015 that is, S.I. 2015 No. 76.

The prices came into effect on the 8th February, 2016