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Crichlow 'Fed Up' With Builders

He cited another example of a workman who quoted on a job at $140, but when he made another enquiry, he received a significantly lower quote.
“They [overseas nationals] send thousands of pounds here and when they make enquiries they are told they are mad. That is not fair. It is very unfair.
“If you live in a nice house, they charge according to that – it is not the job. That is highway robbery, and we as a people have to get rid of that.”
Crichlow knocked the work ethic of Barbadians adding that often Guyanese employees were better workers because they were willing to do more on the job than Barbadians.
In fact, he said, the Guyanese and Vincentian artisans worked just as well as Barbadians living in England or the United States.
“I am not saying that no good work at all is done in Barbados by Barbadians, but the kind of way Guyanese, St Lucians and Vincentian work is the way Barbadians work in England,” he said.
Speaking specifically to small business people, he said larger operations were joining together to be stronger and were able to offer goods to customers at a cheaper rate.
Crichlow said Blacks had a history of fighting against each other since it was the general feeling was that they could not be trusted.
He said the vast majority of people walking around were still enslaved in their minds, believing they were worth nothing. Until the black race could free itself from mental slavery, they would not be able to develop the country, he added.
He urged small business people to treat the customer with respect and dignity and not to engage in an exchange of harsh words with them.
President of the Small Business Association, Sandra Husbands-Nurubakari, said there were about 11 000 small businesses, which played an important part in the community.
She urged small business people to tackle their problems as adults and not to allow disappointments and setbacks to prevent them from surviving.