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Consumers Claim Tribunal

THE Consumer Claims Tribunal was established by section 41(1) of the Consumer Guarantees Act 2002-21 which was enacted on January 15, 2003. At present the Tribunal is made up of a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman and three other members as follows:

Mr. Jefferson Cumberbatch
Attorney-at-Law - Chairman

Mr. Milton Pierce
Attorney-at-Law - Deputy Chairman

Ms. Nicole Roachford
Attorney-at-Law - Member

Mrs. Ophelia Stephenson-Odle
Audit - Member

Ms. Janel Mc Collin
Accounts Officer - Member

The function of the Tribunal is to enforce the rights conferred on consumers by the Consumer Guarantees Act. The Tribunal may determine complaints made to it where the value of the subject matter of the complaint does not exceed $10 000.00

Any person who has a right of redress against another person under the Consumer Guarantees Act, may enforce that right by making a complaint to the Consumer Claims Tribunal. Where a consumer believes that a right that he has under the Act has been breached he may refer the matter to the Office of Public Counsel who may, mediate on his behalf with the person whom he believes has breached those rights. If no settlement has been reached the matter may be referred to the Consumer Claims Tribunal and Public Counsel may also represent the consumer before the Tribunal.

Before submitting a case for hearing by the Tribunal, consumers should make all reasonable efforts to obtain redress for the complaint with the supplier of the good or service. If there is no resolution through the Office of Public Counsel, then the complaint can be submitted in writing to:

Ministry of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development
Reef Road

Telephone #: (246) 427-5270